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Being one of those professions that intersect all domains, journalism paves a gateway to the entire world. If you’ve got the knack to be up-to-date on the news happening around you and are keen on doing something of this sort such as writing news or broadcasting, then a shining journalism career in Indian institute of mass communication awaits you. Yeah…you read it very right. You can definitely look forward to diving in deep into the media world, where despite many challenges and hardships, you’re bound to be rewarded with personal satisfaction and alongside, a hefty sum of cheque every month too.

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Everyone is apparently so engrossed in knowing about news from the political, economic, show-biz, national, sports and some sassy-gossip world, nothing could be as great as letting others slip into your shoes (like the way you would get curious to know new things). Well, the picture that I have painted might be tempting many of you to sign-up for journalism course at best colleges for mass communication in India, however let’s talk the fact too. It won’t be as easy as it might sound. Being dynamic and strictly deadline-adhering is what this profession demands along with utmost sincerity, zeal to learn and a passionate attitude to accomplish the desired mission.

For the reason that there’s a big time difference in simply managing things on your own and getting it done by experts, it’s wise to opt the latter. Dwelling upon the famous saying, a good education kick starts from a good institution. Enrolling in best colleges for mass communication in India will help you understanding the ‘ins and outs’ of this art, yeah you again read it right…it’s an art and demands not only sound familiarity, but a great aptitude too.

On the salary front, a journalist out from a University of repute and boasting experience of say 1 to 1.5 years can expect something between 5-7 lacs annually, indeed more than this at times, based on the number of projects, story coverage and your profile.

To sum up, I would say that a career in journalism is electrifying and simultaneously rewarding too, if you’re passionate towards creating a niche for yourself in the media fraternity.