There is just no denying to the fact that the way the audiences receive news and related information has changed immensely over a period of 5 years. And it is this realization that has made various media houses change the way they write and deliver any piece of information, says a student of a leading journalism course.

The unprecedented rise of smart phones has also led to the rise to mobile audience making the mobile newspaper app the most visited apps. Researches also point to the fact that the ones in 18-34 age group, prefer mobile devices as their only source to gather and read about various news items, explains a professor from a journalism and mass communication institute.

Having said that, it becomes all the more important to produce a writing style that is appropriate for smaller screens! Therefore helping the young journalists here are some writing tips to suit this current trend:

News Writing Tips

  • Incorporate Maximum Information in Minimum Words

Ensure that every word you write adds worth to your write-up. Use short and crisp sentences, thereby making it a simpler read. Avoid high-sounding words and write to the point.

  • Create Titles that Grab Attention

Remember that mobile news items are produced mostly for the on-the-go readers. Whatever catches their attention and interest gets a view. In this light coming up with titles that are catchy and tight are always a treat and welcomed.

Make sure that the titles are brief and explain the write-up that follows, says a recent graduate from a journalism course.

  • Maximise on Your Medium

Now that we do know that visuals have stronger impact on the audiences, it is indeed smart to use it when working with mobile users. Use compelling graphics and make your piece an interesting and an informative read.

  • Have Introductions that are Strong

Don’t waste your words on going about the topic just generally. It is essential to keep it short and to the point. Have an introduction that satisfies the reader with enough information about the topic.