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Having grown up with a father in journalism and a mother in publishing, I’ve been more than exposed to the phenomenon that is mass communication. At a stage in life where I’m supposed to choose my own career and make my own path in life, I have somewhat naturally been inclined towards the field of mass communication.

But there are certain things that I’ve come to realise about mass communication careers, that perhaps other youngsters in my position (that is, those looking at pursuing mass communication careers) may not have been as readily exposed to as I have been. For instance, the prime choice of careers when it comes to mass communication most often is journalism. This is quite understandable, since our idea of mass communication is that it is medium through which all kinds of information is conveyed to the masses –it is literally the idea of ‘communicating with the masses’. And what would seem like the most potent form of mass communication than journalism?

mass communication and journalism

Well, contrary to popular belief, mass communication extends beyond the realm of journalism alone. No offense to my brilliant journalist father –I absolutely love the idea of journalism. But what I want to put across is that it’s definitely not the only choice of careers in mass communication. So all I want to do is shed some light on one other possible career, if you’re looking for mass communication colleges in India –and that’s publishing (my mother would be oh so proud of me if I were propagating publishing).

Are not books also a medium through which one can reach the masses? Graduating from mass communication colleges in India offers you an opportunity to enter the publishing world. You could work in a publishing house. Jobs in a publishing house could range from commissioning a book from authors, sourcing manuscripts, copy editing and proof reading, working with authors and agents… Honestly, I’ve seen how it works, and I think it’s just great!