Journalism in India, or rather say journalist in India have now been categorised into certain groups like the ones in their khadi kurtas and jholas (the serious ones, Barkha Dutt types), or the ones like Suited prim and proper Aarnab Goswami’s, who make more noise than a driller, (but yes, he’s got points) and not to forget the blingy reporters who tell you which actor was found with which actress or the dark ruthless looking reporter talking about how one mother in law who killed her daughter (I picked you the obvious one! *wink*)

Face of Journalism

Face of Journalism

But, what cannot be missed here is the fact that Journalism as a discipline is growing at a very good rate in India, says reputed pros of mass communication and journalism.

The best colleges for mass communication in India, offering Journalism has gone up in numbers in the past decade, upto a point that even CBSE has formulated a journalism course for its high school students.

There is never a dearth of colleges offering journalism in India, From IIMC to Jamia, Opportunities are galore, and so are the sources (Yes, No doubt India is happening country!) The only thing one needs is to have, is an interest in the same, because an occupation so engaging and demanding is yes I agree interesting but not everyone’s cup of coffee. But hey there, If you know you love it, you should try it, for the others who don’t, well people, you can just be a super audience.

Wrapping up this write-up, I leave it to you Dear readers, What would you choose?? A Kurta clad reporter, Arnab Goswami, or a tea cup in hand housewife/husband reading the newspaper or watching the news every morning??(I guess I am both *wink*)