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One might think that the world of mass communication and journalism is all about politics and such (boring) news; but you know what? It’s not! Pick up any kind of topic from across the globe, and there’s got to be a wing of journalism that deals with it. Whether it’s golf or architecture or the latest gadgets and cars, there are a lot of people out there writing about it.

Trends and career in fashion journalism

fashion Journalism

The same goes for fashion. So, ladies and gentlemen, are you interested in fashion journalism? Yes, it’s just as exciting as it sounds! There’s no cheat sheet for how to go about getting a job in fashion journalism after pursuing a degree from one of the mass communication colleges in india, all you need is that knack for all things fashion and a keen sense of writing! Okay, well… Perhaps I’m not being too fair, because the truth of the matter remains that fashion journalism is just as competitive as any field, and you’ve got to do your homework before you break into the industry.

But before going off about how to land a job as a fashion journalist… What is fashion journalism?

Fashion journalism is a wing of mass communication and journalism that essentially relates to all things fashion. Fashion journalists write about… Well, obviously enough, fashion! It sounds appealing enough with just the job title doesn’t it?

Several mass communication colleges in india will offer a course on fashion journalism. Here, you will be taught the basic skills and knowledge required to pull of any career in journalism. More specifically, you will also be educated about fashion from the history to contemporary trends and such. Methods of researching, interviewing, analysing, surveying, etc will be taught. Good communications skills, people skills and an energetic personality will surely take you a long way in fashion journalism!

Fashion journalism is the love child between an interest in fashion and a way with words –so go ahead and raise that baby up well!