So, it is a proven fact that with the advent of platforms like the citizen journalist which gives everyone the opportunity of raising civil issues through it, journalism as in mass communication is slowly gaining popularity as a way to bring out what endangers a society. Mass communication careers are finding more takers now than they did about a decade back. But, a demanding field like this definitely requires training and knowledge to achieve the success you aim for, with the best colleges for mass communication in India, this concern just seems to fading away. With the best in the industry at your disposal, the field of mass communication boasts of a very promising career. So, let’s study one aspect of this field, let’s study the popular types of reporting that exist today:

  • General Reporting:

General reporting of what is going on and why, what has happened and why and who is involved in what manner constitutes this type.

  • Political Reporting

This is covering political events and political personalities. It requires broad knowledge of election laws, system and organizational setup of different political parties and political organizations, pre campaign activities, campaigns, election practices, polling laws and techniques etc

  • Cultural Reporting:

Covering different cultural organizations, institutions and other events by keeping in mind public interest is cultural reporting. The cultural news story must be based on information, entertainment and its relevance to general public interest. Music world-cinema, theatre, television-literature, fairs etc. have great material of public interest which is equally newsworthy.


Sports reporting require background knowledge of the game, critical evaluation of sports besides sound knowledge of their rules & regulations. The performance of the teams should be covered fairly, impartially and in an unbiased way. The quality of a written sports item depends on the quality of its reporting.

Reading it all, Now you know, not all reporters are the same after all, Take you call and decide, what would you want to become?