Can we even imagine living without media in this globalized world? We depend on media for everything- from health aspects to knowledge about education fields. This dependence has led to a rise in the number of employment opportunities in the media industry. A mass communication degree gives you employment opportunities in print media, social media, digital media and film media. Basically it’s all about the media! Media has become a vital part of our lives and we just cannot do without it.



Mass communication and Journalism colleges in India provide the study of how individuals can relay information through mass media and make an impact on large segments of the population. Media is deeply connected with the human behavior because of a large dependence of people on media. But this media can reflect in both positive as well as negative ways.

When we talk about the positive side of reflection, media has come a long way in enhancing the living styles of people. We read about health and lifestyle in magazines and adapt it in our lives. We start following the diets prescribed by nutritionists in the newspapers. We listen to ads on radios on our way to work and understand the benefits of voting, planting trees and saving girl child. We get to know about various educational institutions through brochures and magazines.

But while media can give you the ideas for a better living, it can as well drive you to do or become what you see. A number of criminal and gangster films leave a negative impact on children and sometimes, adults too. Although kids are prohibited to see such stuff, but in this modern world can we really stop them for watching something as generic as TV? The development of media, therefore, has its own pros and cons. But one thing is sure that it has a great impact on human behavior.