I met a cousin of mine a few days back. It’s been a while we last met because she was all busy gearing up for her board exams and then occupied with the usual hassle of getting admission in a college. I thought it’s time I be the good elder cousin and ask her about what she is up to in her career and give her all those ‘valuable tips’ which usually elder sibling give to the younger ones who had just started to plan their career or about to! Deep down I wanted to intimidate her a bit, the way my elder siblings did, by using jargons and words alien to me in all their professional advices.

Much to my surprise, my cousin was nothing close to intimidated! It seemed she is well ahead of her peers in planning and executing things for herself! She was crystal clear she wanted to do a Journalism course and wanted to pursue TV Journalism in the future. She had listed down the top Journalism colleges in India way before her boards and was bang-on sure about the requirements, cut-offs and admission procedures of each of them. She had prepared herself in a way so that she could land up in one of those colleges. And she did! She was bubbling with happiness and with her achievement, and couldn’t stop talking about the happening things in her college. I never knew my little cousin would grow up to be such a pro-active girl!

She has already figured out the internship programs the best journalism graduate schools provide, and has made up her mind to intern during her vacations. Guys, she is barely 19 and she is planning her career and enjoying her life just the way she wants! I know there are many who are laid back and enjoying these initial days of college, but trust me, I think you can enjoy yourselves better if you think forward and plan out things well in advance. I didn’t give any tips to her, because I know she’s smart enough to do without them! May be you could too, just look around!