So, to the people who have still not realized, Journalism is so much more than just the ones screaming their lungs out in the news debate or the ones reporting live from the war zones around the world. No doubt, their jobs too are as demanding as others, but there are certainly many different journalist types and journalism events out there! Still did not understand me? Read along:

Journalism Events

Journalism Events

• Corporate/Industry Events:

As the name suggests, it basically involves discussions and debates on industry related topics on a nationwide platform. Topics may range from RBI guidelines to stock exchange.

• Idea Festivals:

It brings renowned scholars, activists, innovators and professionals under one roof to debate and discuss the larger socio-economic and political issue which may hamper the growth of the country. For eg: Aspen Ideas Festival

• Political Events:

This is to do with the discussion and debate on issues regarding public welfare. But unlike the Idea festivals which are a long multi day event, this event is an hour or so of immense debate.

• Social Events:

Not all events have to be serious affairs, this category deals with reporting fun social nights or basically lets say they aim at bringing the Page 3 crowd to the public!

• Life style Expos:

Something like the Indian trade fair that happens every year.

• Cultural Events:

Its basically like the tapping into the cultural passions and energy of a particular community. Food festivals or Film festivals belong to this category for Example the Korean Food festival.

• Galas and Awards:

These are more formal events, often organized around a dinner or reception, with awards and presentations

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