India: A country where probably nothing is perfect. But I say, what does the word ‘perfect’ even mean? Which person, which country is flawless? And despite all that is wrong with India, I love my nation with all my heart. The growth this particular country has witnessed over the past few decades is nothing less than phenomenal. For instance, a place where nobody thought beyond becoming doctors, engineers, or maybe lawyers, we have come to this stage where every career is gradually gaining respect, attention, and growth. For instance, journalism has become such a popular profession. I too am studying mass communication and journalism from a top college.

mass communication colleges in India

mass communication colleges in India

When I was small, every big and small crime alike appalled me. My conscience had always and still plays a huge role in guiding my decisions. Even as a child, I was so honest that my sister and cousins mocked me. And seeing something terrible happen to people really made my heart ache. I pledged to become a beacon of hope illuminating all of humanity. Okay, I may not have known these big words at that time, but my heart wished for the same. While growing up, I considered all kinds of future careers that would be suitable for me and help me fulfil my noble purpose. From a lawyer to politician, a policewoman to IAS officer- I considered every profession through which I would be able to fulfil my role. And then one fine day, I learnt about journalism- a profession that requires courage and confidence. But most importantly it requires an invincible spirit that will not give in to negative influences.

5 years later, upon graduation from high school, I applied to only the best mass communication colleges in India, and here I am on the threshold of a new phase of my life. Wish me luck!