Everyday various events pertaining to political, technological, educational, religious etc. occur throughout the nation and we come to know about these events while sitting at our homes. Journalists influence thousands of people around the globe and they play a major role in the development and education of the nation.

A career in Journalism continues to be one of most respected and influential professions around the world. Making a career in Journalism will not only require an inquisitive mind but a lot of creativity and investigation is required to thrive in that field. Journalism is broadly divided into two sectors which are print and electronic media.  Various prestigious colleges offer graduate and post graduate courses for the same.  The best journalism graduate schools equip their students with the capabilities of handling both print and electronic media, on top of that they are inculcated with the basic journalistic aesthetics and which will help them prosper in their profession.

A good command over the language and sensitivity over various topics and events are sought after in an ideal journalist. They have to stay on their toes at all times; they have to take up their responsibilities at all times without having any cultural, social or geographical constraints.

Journalism and mass communication offers endless journalistic opportunities and the profession is changing into more cumbersome yet creative platform with the advent of the technological advances across the globe. Even though the newspapers and journals continue to dominate, the online platforms are merging into the scene. Various apps and online platforms have been introduced which help in keeping the readers in the loop throughout. So, a journalism student has to adopt every development in both the fields and keep his communication and creative capabilities intact.