Nowadays, the world of journalism has changed significantly than what it used to be a decade ago. Evolution of digital media has opened a new niche for the publishing sector and youth of today are attracted in taking journalism as a career option. Journalism is basically the process of collecting, accessing and presenting news and information to the general public. It can be divided into different categories such as broadcast, investigative, sports, communication and photo journalism.  To specialize in any of these categories, individuals need to have good qualification in journalism. For this, they should do a journalism course from a reputed journalism or mass communication college.

All students looking for a career in journalism should have a bachelor’s degree in mass media, mass communication or journalism. Once the bachelor’s degree is successfully completed, they can also take up a Master’s degree in mass communication or journalism.  Any graduate who has a flair for writing, from any field is eligible for a post graduate degree in journalism. After successful completion of the course they can work as writers, news reporters, editors and publishers in news channels, radio stations, magazines or mass communication websites. Their duty on job varies and depends on their job title. For example, if you are a reporter then your work will be mainly to collect information through research, interviews or on the field observation.

If you want to pursue a career in journalism, you should join the best journalism graduate school for higher studies after grade 12th. These schools offer courses which train students on ways to write stories in accordance with the media law and ethics. One can find some of the best colleges for mass communication in India. These colleges offer courses in journalism which will help students in learning skills required to become a good journalist. The courses are offered at graduation as well as post-graduation level.