There are very few professions that can directly contribute in making this world a happier place. Personally, I feel that doctors clearly score the top spot. But there are other people too, who through the means of their work can help remove the misery from their respective nations. Journalists too fall under this category. By raising the curtain on the gruesome acts that continue to exist in society, they facilitate the speed of justice.

aaft mass communication in indiaOwing to the nature of their responsibility of disseminating authentic information to the public, journalists are required to be honest, accurate, objective etc. They are supposed to be the voice of their country, speaking for truth and against injustice. ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. Media too is a powerful tool. Hence, people under journalism and mass communication have a crucial responsibility to fulfill. With their words – written or spoken- they have the power to influence thoughts and opinions of the entire nation.

But unless one has really forged a strong inner-self, it is very easy to get swayed away amidst turmoil. It is easy to follow the crowd than to walk in the path of resistance. Students wish to join the best journalism graduate school for various reasons. Some join because of their passion for media, others join because they already possess the necessary skills to make a career out of it. Whatever the reason be, they should enter their respective schools with a sense of purpose and strong determination to not give in to unethical behavior. And following ethics isn’t easy; it requires virtues like courage and strength of character. I feel there is only one thing can give rise to such great virtues- a strong desire to work for the happiness of people. If you feel that you do not have the courage to fight against the wrong, start by taking baby steps. Small acts of courage would fill you with the confidence for the bigger ones. Just take that first step!