Mass communication is considered to be one of the most prestigious professions. It basically involves spreading of information at national and international level. This is done through mediums such as televisions, newspapers, magazines and radio stations. For all those who want to make a career in this field taking formal education is very important. Besides this, having qualities such as good communication skills and a better command on the language also plays an important role in the career graph. When it comes to education, taking a mass communication course at the under graduate level is usually preferred. To pursue it, the eligibility requirement is to complete class 12 from any recognized board. For post graduate course, one needs to complete bachelor’s degree (in any discipline).

There are institutes that provide a degree in mass communication and journalism at the under graduate level. In this degree program, students are taught subjects related to writing as well as journalism. This gives them a chance to complete their art education and at the same time learn important writing skills. In these programs, more emphasis is given on subjects related to media and communication. Some of the subjects taught include fundamentals of mass communication, television news writing, multimedia story coverage, ethical issues in public relations and broadcast journalism. Apart from the degree course, related programs such as certificate course in journalism, bachelor’s degree in communication, English and public relations can also lead successful career in writing and journalism.

A mass communication degree opens a large number of career opportunities. With it, students can work at various positions such as public relations executive, advertising officer, accounts executive, news or TV reporter, editor, journalist, screen writer, art director or cameraman. They can look forward to work in some of the leading news and advertising agencies, photography companies and legal affair departments.