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Tips for a Career in Journalism

Tips for a Career in Journalism

Put simply, mass communication is nothing but usage of mass media to communicate to the masses simultaneously. Newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, Internet etc. are all channels that are commonly used for the task. While some immediately associate mass communication with journalism, there is more to the field;
journalism is just one part of it. If you study this course, following are fields you can enter into:

  1. Advertising

Advertising is a term that needs no introduction. Promotion of products, services, or even campaigns to the target audience is advertising. Creativity and constant innovation are highly important in this particular field. Here are some of its common types:

• Television Advertising- It is one of the oldest forms and still remains the most dominant type of advertising across the globe. Buying ad space on television is a costly affair as networks charge a hefty amount for commercial airtime, especially between popular shows.

• Radio Advertising– This is yet another popular type and one can often hear promotional ads in-between songs and radio shows.

• Online Advertising– It’s perhaps the quickest method of reaching the audiences. Ads at the top of search engine results, banner ads, social media advertising, pay per click ads, etc. all fall under online promotion.

• Covert advertising- Ever seen a movie where the main character is seen using a product of a particular brand or uses the name of a brand in his dialogues? When a product or brand is placed in media such as movies, TV shows, it is known as covert advertising.

There are many, many other types of paid promotion that you may have come across or will read about them later. New methods to promotion also continue to evolve with times. Many top colleges offer diploma courses in advertising that can impart in-depth knowledge in the subject.
2. Journalism
Mass Communication and Journalism go hand in hand, which is why the best colleges for mass communication in India offer the courses together. A typical mass communication-cum-journalism course involves study of reporting, editing, and newsroom management; exposure to different mediums of journalism; activities in news reading and anchoring, etc.

As journalists play a fundamental role in spreading awareness, communicating minute-to-minute information (related to any major happening across the world, politics, crime, entertainment, business, sports, etc.) to the country and hence can directly impact the minds of the people, it becomes extremely important to train them the right way.

With the right skills, one can get into one’s preferred kind of journalism, be it broadcast journalism, tabloid journalism, photojournalism, investigative journalism or any other kind. To make a name for yourself in the future, it is important that you first join a good Indian institute of mass communication which apart from imparting the skills needed in the industry, also lays a strong foundation of ethics. Without a strong foundation, it is easy to get swayed away, especially while working in media. Invest in yourself while studying mass communication and journalism to become capable enough to make a positive difference in society later on.

3. Public Relations
This is yet another field you can get into after pursuing mass communication. A PR agency manages the spread of information between its clients (could be organisations or individuals) and the public. The purpose of public relations is to maintain positive relations with the outsiders and keep them up to date about any important news regarding the client’s products or brands through earned coverage via press releases, press conferences, newsletters, etc.

Audience targeting, messaging, social media marketing, etc. are some tactics used in the profession. Schools like AAFT School of Mass Communication offers Masters in Journalism and Mass communication with a specialisation in PR. In fact, one can do also do an MBA in communication or marketing to become well-versed to get into the field. An internship with a good PR agency after graduation can help you learn the ropes of the field.

There is so much you can do with a degree in mass communication from a good mass communication college in Delhi. You may take any career path that interests you. What are you still waiting for? Go after your dreams!