Perhaps the most important people who shape up the future world are journalists. There are engineers who create, doctors who heal, politicians who set down the laws, lawyers who defend it, actors who entertain, sportsmen who instill national pride, soldiers who put their line on for it and many more, but as the main point of communication between the citizens and all these groups, journalists have the most important job.

They can turn someone into a celebrity overnight, or even halt his career, that’s the power they have. Words even act mightier than the sword during wartimes. Thus, it becomes obvious that to be in such a powerful position, a person needs to be well prepared to handle that kind of pressure.

Now, with the digital technology we have, it’s become even easier for journalists to influence people, globally, within seconds. Old school journalism still takes the icing on the cake, but the competition is now really tough. If you aspire to be a top journalist, here are some tips to make a firm statement.

Contacts are crucial
The story never crawls up to you, you have to make efforts and having strong contacts can help you ease up that hard work. You need to be witty and offer something substantial in return for news that can make up your career. Don’t leave out any sector where you can find someone to rely on, be socially active and never miss out on a hot new update.

Internship is the first, yet biggest step
Like most of the fields, you’ll get the first real taste of the journalism industry when you practice everything you learn in college. Internships aren’t an issue if you’re in any of the top Indian institutes of mass communication. For whatever time you intern, assure that you make the most of it and return to your college a more experienced journalist.

Keep learning
What has a journalist got to do with programming skills? Or social media marketing for that matter? Well, a journalist in the digital era needs to be more than a good storyteller. With technical skills to back you, you can go independent and form your own news website or rather social media page, which has become a hot trend these days.

Be a social media wizard
As discussed above, social media has become perennially important to leave a mark globally. One share and a news article can reach millions of readers in mere seconds. If you know how to create viral content and have an idea to market it, you have a better advantage over your competition.

Be top ranked on Google
If someone is not there on the first page of Google, his online presence is null. Social media has overtaken SEO, but still if you have a news article published on a top rated news website, it’s better than a thousand shares on Facebook. Create your own blog, indulge in guest blogging and be a part of online debates so that whenever someone Googles your name, they find you atop the search engine results.

Begin your job hunt early
It’s not easy to get job or internship at a top news channel easily. You have to send emails and it’s not necessary that you get a reply on time or at a reply at all. Choose a company and research on it and start making a case for yourself.

Research well
When you’re at AAFT School of Mass Communications, one of the top Indian institutes of mass communications in Delhi, top companies would come during the placement sessions. Make sure you’re well-versed with their needs and their way of presenting news to make a better impression of yourself.

Ornate your CV
Just a degree is not enough to become a great journalist. Be versatile, do social work, take part in events and put them all on your CV. That one paper is your life and career, you have to stuff it with as much accolades as you can. Take part in competitions too because winning them not only gives you a chance to join top companies, but also to put something on your resume.