Mass communication is an inseparable component of modern society. In simple words, mass communication is a process of sending a message to a large population of people through communication channels. The communicator could be anybody from a person to an organization, and the channels could be print media like newspapers and magazines, digital media like radio and television and social media consisting of social networking sites.


Different kinds of mass communication

While many people confuse mass communication with journalism, it is important to understand that journalism is only a segment of the mass communication umbrella. Journalism is that part of mass communication which deals in dissemination of news and information. The other forms of mass communication are advertising- which consists of messages attempting to induce purchasing behavior in the people, public relations- which intends to influence the public opinion about a brand, product, company and politics- which consists of communication campaigns to promote a political party.

Such is the power of mass communication that it can affect and influence an unbelievingly high number of people. Mass communication is ideal for curious and passionate students who wish to make a positive difference in the modern society.

Mass communication degree

Mass communication colleges cater to all such students who wish to contribute to the media. Since mass communication can take different forms, students with a degree in mass communication can actively participate in educating, informing and entertaining the audience.

For pursuing a career in mass communication, one must start early- right from the school days to get a hands-on approach to the work related to this field. Writing for school year-books and magazines, and participating in media programs can assure students of a strong foundation in the field of mass communication. Excellent communication skills are among the pre requisites for a career in mass communication. Students can go for degree as well as diploma courses in it.

Typically, the courses of mass communication cover everything from mass media theory and strategic communication to broadcasting methods and evolution of media. But some of the mass communication colleges in Delhi also offer specialization options through which one can study about specific concepts and practices. Students can choose from production, editing, public affairs and broadcasting options.

Distance learning in mass communication

While there’s nothing like a regular mass communication course to understand the practical aspects of the field, some colleges also often distance learning programs for working professionals. These programs offer an advanced degree in mass communication through which students can make a successful career in mass communication. Some institutes also offer hybrid programs consisting of both on campus and off campus studies. Online classrooms are also provided in several distance learning mass media courses revolving around real-time classroom concept.

Through online broadcasting, media studies and journalism courses- one can acquire a mass communication degree while working full time.

Career opportunities

A degree in mass communication opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities to students. One can enter media industry and launch his career in the field on interest. One can become a full time broadcaster or a journalist, and can also start off with his own firm. With few years of experience in mass media, one can go for high level positions in training and communications.

Typically, with a mass communications degree you can enter into the fields of entertainment, publishing, public relations, direction, editing, journalism, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, etc.

Job roles

Some of the popular job roles offered to graduates in mass communication are Event Manager, Public Relations Officer, editor, screenwriter, producer, TV correspondent, fashion photographer, art director, sound engineer, sound recordist and special correspondent.

AAFT school of mass communication, which is among the best colleges for mass communication in india is a good start for all those people who wish to pursue a successful career in mass and media.