The area of journalism and reporting is always a changing and evolving one, it is never the same or constant. This could be because of the advancing mind-set of the society, and how people are now is vastly different from how they were twenty or even ten years back. That could also be the reason, why people who are interested in the creative field, are attracted towards the profession of journalism. It gives an individual to never be set in a routine, as one has to constantly change their way or reporting and seeing a certain event in different lights.

This popularity is the reason why journalism courses are considered to be one of the most sought after courses in the creative field. Students want to be a part of this area of study, especially in today’s world, when the scope of journalism has moved beyond just newspaper or news channels.

journalism courses

There are new ways of spreading information and news, one of them being photojournalism. This type of journalism is where the news is captured with help of images. It is an exciting and challenging type of journalism, where one must capture the news while being impartial, objective and yet take a timeless image. One that will connect with any one who read that particular news item.

A lot of the top journalism colleges in India provide courses in this area, as it is quickly becoming a sought after profession. Where typical journalism is only about the content and focuses majorly on writing, photojournalism also lays emphasise on the images that go along with it. Some of the most poignant pieces of news have been only elevated by the pictures that the journalist caught. To be one, an individual must have good skills in handling still camera and be able to catch images that can contribute to the news media.