There was a time when an English honors degree was enough to get started with journalism but now the scenario in the job market for journalism is changing as the field itself is evolving and so is the requirements for a job. Nowadays having a degree in journalism is not the upper limit for a job. Employers are increasingly putting more emphasis on the skillset of the employees as it ensures adaptability and performance in the field.

Storytelling skills: Multimedia storytelling is strongly demanded by the employers as it is central to a journalist’s job and key factor defining success. Interactive slideshows with audio and video, shooting and editing a video, creative writing for different kind of audience etc. are the skills that are sought in the field. Journalism courses in Delhi from AAFT focus on departing knowledge and fostering skills that are relevant in the industry.

AAFT School of Mass Communication

Statistic: Data mining and Statistical analyzing are the skills that benefit professionals in any field since the advent of the internet age. Much of the importance of these skills is attributed to the big data driven nature of the business including media houses. Data collection, editing, analysis and interpretation are the part that forms the repertoire of successful professionals of journalism.

Marketing: since the field of journalism is very customer centric, the knowledge of marketing, audience development, and content circulation are very important skills in the arsenal of a journalist. Possession of these skills allows management of online communities, interpretation of data on behavior of the audience, crowdsourcing of the information and better audience interaction.

Programming: The world has gone digital which means some basic knowledge of programming and web development is a must have. The ability to generate ideas on web pages and leveraging the latest technology to serve content to the audience can complement in developing an effective business and career.

Media business: finally the most important aspect of journalism is a comprehensive understanding of the media business. mass communication colleges in India such as School of Mass Communication – AAFT takes the training to another level and gives a better picture to the students to help the understand the business from start to end.