With an unprecedented rise of banking crises on the global level and major loopholes in most economies, it has become important for most countries to boost financial and business journalism in their country.

As a financial journalist, one has to keep a vigil at the annual budget and write stories related to the financial front in the country. In order to come up with engaging and attention-grabbing stories, a financial journalist needs to make excellent contacts. Journalism colleges in India suggest their students to closely study analytical features and interview major business figures as it might help them in the future.

Reporting through press conferences is one major element of this kind of journalism as it gives one a chance to explore how these business policies can affect their employees, unions and public in general.

Journalism Colleges in India

Mass communication and journalism course in finance helps students to get sufficient understanding of international and domestic politics and economics. They study about a range of issues related to finance and analyze how these various issues can be handled in a holistic manner. The course focuses on the major areas such as history, current state, background, and vulnerable areas that might lead to a crisis in the future.  Financial journalists are usually asked to look at things at macro-level but they should be able to look and understand things at the gross level as well.

Financial journalism is very different from another form of journalism because here the candidate has to be a pro at gauging various statistics and how these statistics can affect people in general in the long run. It is a very complex platform that requires immense patience and practice. There is a dearth of good financial journalists in many countries, who can put a vigil on the authorities regarding their financial and business authorities.