Like any other profession, it requires certain key skills to be successful in the field of journalism. Already suffering from the loopholes of its traditional business model, the Journalism industry is slowly transforming itself to cater the demands of present dau audience. In this growing world of online media, it is highly important for budding journalists to be on their toes.

News companies like to hire people who are a jack of all traits yet master of one. Here are some key skills that are required to be successful in journalism and mass communication.    

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Ready for experimentation

According to eminent teachers of journalism colleges in India, budding journalists should tread the path of openness and connectivity to be successful. It’s high time to retire from complex content and unnecessary control. The journalist should have the courage to experiment showcasing content on multiple platforms in order to understand the strengths and weakness of different media and churn out stories accordingly.

Multimedia Skills

Proficient Multimedia skills are necessary to tell stories through video, graphics, audio, and photographs. With a sudden increase in online video viewing, News channels have started building their team around multimedia journalists. Multimedia platforms like video blogging, multimedia apps, and podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation and the good news is that these multimedia skills can be easily self-taught.

Blogger and content curator

In order to engage online communities and do journalism to bring a social change in society, journalists have to practice content or video blogging. With the help of various social bookmarking tools and sharing tools, journalists can easily learn to curate engaging and trustworthy content.

The new age journalists need to understand that besides good writing skills, ethics, investigation, and verification, they need something more to keep the audience intact. Journalism is morphing into a renaissance and it is most likely that digital journalism is going to prevail in the coming years.