In today’s age and time, the journalism world has developed vast amounts. Times were definitely different years ago! Distancing from the conventional news, it has now branched out to online and digital mediums providing news at the comfort of finger tips. It has advanced and paved a way for the ‘new age journalists’.

Of course, the competition has increased too making this field highly competitive and spirited; which is why there is a need to develop on new skills to subsist in this place.

After interacting with many established people, we narrowed down skills that a new age aspiring journalist must possess in order to fare well in the field. Let us take a look-

  • Multimedia story telling: Journalists are required to tell a story and in this 2016 transitioned phase, the story telling has gone online. One must improve on their multimedia skills to present a story. The world is all about videos, GIFs, graphics and photos; hence the stories and information too should be disseminated similarly in the Mass communication and Journalism Bring out the creative bug and innovate on things that can attract attention of the audience instantly. Multimedia story telling is a requisite for any new day journalist!

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  • Community content curator: If you know how to sell a story to the target community, then you are already a winner! This job sector requires one to engage a community and curate fantastic content for them. If you know what the social community requires and can promote appealing stories that are full of authenticity, then do it. Hone on your technology skills and become digital savvy at the same time to comprehend the digital population. Use blogging as a means to communicate as it is totally on the rise.

This journalism phase has transitioned certainly. Become the new age journalist by pursuing a journalism course from the best colleges for mass communication in India.