The industry of journalism and mass communication is undeniably one of the most challenging and demanding professions out in the world. Not just at the global levels, but Indian journalism too has gained momentum in the past and grown exponentially.

A career in journalism and mass communication is not easy and one must have the right qualities to ace and subsist in the field. The news room is full of ruckus and with the growing online media; the face of Indian journalism has changed completely that asks for some specific qualities.

There are many Indian institutes of mass communication in Delhi like AAFT School of Mass communication that ensure you are appropriate in your skills and knowledge. Let us take a look at the 3 must have qualities essential for this field-

Mass Media Course

  • Be punctual: Wherever you go, whichever field you choose; one is required to be punctual for all the right reasons. In a field like journalism, punctuality is paramount when you have to meet all those strict deadlines and timelines. There is high competition out there amongst the various channels and newspapers; adhering to the deadlines and being punctual helps vast amounts.
  • Accuracy is the power: If you are journalist, you can’t just faff around for no rhyme and reason. Your accuracy, authenticity and credibility of the news and information scoured are an intrinsic part of journalism. Stick to the right facts and figures and don’t publish fabricated stories to maintain a reputation with your audience. Keep no room for errors and double check information and its potency.

Have the right passion: Passion and the zeal to work in a field and be dedicated towards it highly important. If you don’t possess it, then what is the point of your work anyway? Have the right attitude and keep perseverance in this field to stay ahead of everyone in the game! Enrol to the top journalism college in India and be class apart!