Sources, which keep you aware and let you know the news from around the corner are journalists. Their job is as difficult as interesting as it sounds. Lots of research, travelling around half the time, even covering news, and places that can be a threat to their life. Journalists do all of these things because they are driven by one motto, that is to come up and bring forth the truth which nation needs to know. They are energetic and have a constraint to continuously work for the society.

Journalism is a career, which needs a person to be alarming and situation friendly always. If you think you have these abilities and want to make your way in the field of journalism, then you need to know few pointers that might help you pursue your career that way. Journalism is not a rocket science but also not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of efforts but once you get your way into in and understand the way it works, it’ll be your career choice you’ll always cherish. Here are few pointers that might help you know more about the career you want to go for Journalism and Mass Communication.

Mass Communication Colleges in India


  • There are different kinds of journalism fields for you to join. There are reporters, writers, editors, copy editors, photojournalists, anchors, sub-editor, associate editor, proofreader, and other roles that you can choose to according to your suitability.
  • Journalism is divided into two ways- electronic and print. Electronic is about the news that you hear on the television, and print is where you get news in the form of the magazine, newspaper, etc.
  • Web journalism is another form of media, which is in boom and is quite popular among youngsters and media aspirants. It is all about the digital world and social media.
  • Journalism courses in India can be done after senior secondary examination. You can go for a diploma, graduation or certification courses. Journalism courses can always be done after graduation degree.

There are numbers of colleges that offer these courses on the regular and open basis. In the capital, Asian Academy of Film and Television is one such institute that lets you explore and learn as widely as possible.