Mass communication is not only one of the major streams  in India, it is also one of the most powerful occupation across the world. There are several reasons why students pursue it, first being the glory and glamour associated to it. The other reason students like this course is to exploit their journalistic and research  abilities. The third reason which is not very uncommon is students like to  contribute to  the society through ethical journalism and media communication. The ethics associated with journalism are very simple as well as complicated at the same time.

The ethical values in mass communication are simple because all you have to do is write the description of the incident verbatim. The ethics become complicated when the news can create a major ruckus in a particular place or country and people are generally not tolerant about any such kind of reporting.  As easy as it may sound, journalists live one of the hardest lives in world. The morals associated with mass communication courses are easy to understand but very hard to follow, especially considering the present scenario where every news has an outrage wrapped inside of it.

Mass Communication courses

Students must be aware of the  choice they are making the consequences associated with it. They also should know that while mass communication can get you the celebrity status, the investigative journalism and reporting from toughest terrains can be hazardous to your life.  Mass communication courses from some of the best colleges of  India generally gets you direct recruitment into some of the best media houses of India.The creativity and your hard work is all that will matter next. The only thing a responsible media person should do is report the real news and not to fabricate any part of it for any sort of manipulation.