Being one of the most powerful industries in the world, Mass communication is currently one of the better career choices in India. The journalists all across the world are respected and treated with honour because of the type of work they do. Bringing the news infront of common people and creating awareness towards the issues happening in the world are some of the major duties performed by a practitioner of mass communication. Journalism courses in India have gained more momentum ever since the powerful remodulation of television and electronic media. Students have been more attracted towards this face of mass communication and have joined the course in large numbers.

AAFT Journalism College

There are two levels of the course in mass communication colleges in India, first as graduation and for further career enhancement a post graduation. It is always better to take these courses as integrated because it will give you a certain focus towards your career and you would not feel the break in your studies. It is also a time saving method and may help you save some years which are generally lost in dilemma.

There are two career options available for people from field of mass communication

  1. Print Media &
  2. Electronic Media

Print media:The type of media which provides news through writing and print methods. One of the ancient practices of mass communication and immensely  popular till date.  This is a very pursued course as it is in demand and people still love the print media as a way of mass communication.

Electronic Media:  This is a rather new technology which has reached masses more than ever. This includes the television, radio and now also the internet. It is the media which made journalists, the stars that they are today and brought their face in front of people.Most  of the students these days prefer electronic  media as their choicest career option.