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Sadly enough, a lot of people in our country still confuse the two terms: Mass communication and Journalism. To a lot of them, they are synonyms! NO! Come on people! We live in an era of mass media, where we thrive on media; don’t you think it is a bit too odd to think that mass communication and journalism is the same thing? To start with, journalism is a part of mass communication. Yes, mass communication is huge! Journalism comes under it. Of course, journalism too has its roots! One who has successfully completed any of the journalism courses in India would we well aware about.

Similarly, being a student of one of the reputed Mass communication colleges in India, I know mass communication holds a lot more than just journalism to it.

You must have heard of the term ‘advertising’. It is used every now and then nowadays, TV ads, print ads, radio ads, outdoor ads, ads on digital media, there is advertising everywhere, and they are managed by cool advertising agencies! Advertising too, comes under the big umbrella of Advertising.

Surprised? Well don’t be, as Public Relations or PR as we call it is too! Influencing a company’s image in the eyes of its public is public relations. Sure you must have heard of it quite a few times now. Celebrities too resort to PR to maintain a sound image in the eyes of the general public. It also helps them steer clear of any ugly rumor or any scandal which might have caused their perception in the eyes of their fans suffer a brutal blow. It is once again, a part of Mass communication.

For all those who did not know this, well, don’t go berserk. These are the two wings of mass communication along with journalism which are gaining an increasing importance in today’s date.