What do you think is the worst tendency inherent in almost all humans? While arrogance is rampant in human beings, I feel that the underlying cause from which arrogance arises is disbelief in the unlimited potential of oneself and of others. Arrogance and self-doubt are two sides of the same coin. This is my theory and you may or may not agree with it.

I have met so many people who despite studying in the best of colleges are uncertain about their future. If you are studying in one of the best journalism graduate schools, yet are battling self-doubts, here are some tips for you to become a better journalist in future. These come from my friend who is living a life as a successful journalist. Keep reading to know more:

  1. Keep reading and writing

An important part of a journalist’s role comprises writing. Being an avid writer myself, I find it difficult to find the flow of words when I lose touch with books. In order to be a good journalist, you must keep reading and writing, if only a little bit every day.

  1. Maintain a journal

Recording your day’s events in your journal at the end of each day is a good practice which helps you give words to your thoughts. My friend studied journalism from one of the top journalism colleges in India. Despite a super hectic schedule, she still found time to write short entries in her journal each day.

  1. Rely on the old and safe methods

By this my friend advises that you always carry a paper and pen/pencil with you, even if you have the best smartphone. Whenever a fresh idea crosses your mind, or you come across a great piece of news, it is best to write it down at that very moment.

My friend would soon give me more tips which I would surely pass on to you. Until then, try and apply the above mentioned points in your lives.