With the corporate climate taking over just about all sorts of organisations today –the desire to freelance and be one’s own boss can be quite a strong one. And while many might hesitate to follow through with the dream of freelancing for fear of instability (and an empty bank account) and such –the field of journalism actually opens up a world of opportunities.

So, if you’ve graduated from one of the Mass communication colleges in India, and are looking at taking up freelancing jobs, be warned –it’s not an easy path to tread! Before you make the monumental life decision –pause; assess the factors related to freelance writing, and then act. You can’t just have a romanticised idea of sitting in a café, sipping your coffee, wearing your hippie clothes and writing away to glory –it’s not all that easy.

There are myriad blogs out there that deal with the necessary skills and tips and tricks that are going to get you to become a successful freelance writer –but this isn’t one of those. Journalism courses in India will offer you all you need to know about writing, and about the industry at large. But do they tell you the importance of perseverance and determination?

If you think you’ve got what it takes and you’re equipped with the right skillsets acquired from one or the other Journalism courses in India, then there’s absolutely nothing stopping you. As long as you have a strong will and an even stronger assertion of it, you can make your future as bright as can be.

In my opinion, the key to making a successful living off of freelance journalism is a keen and ever-persevering sense of determination. You’re bound to have dry spells –days when little work comes your way, or your work just isn’t getting approved. You just need to be smart enough to be able to deal with it. Persevere, ever forward, and you’re sure to be a stellar freelance writer!